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How a Business can miss out on the Gold Rush of Social Media

September 3, 2018

As a business owner, like so many others in so many places of the world in our time, you may be busy right now handling a new shipping that has just become the COOLEST THING on planet earth and you can't wait to stock it on your shelves, and of course you are a 1–3 people business that probably has Stacey from accounts who is swamped with invoicing for orders to ship, dave who is handling repairs and logistics and you as the director putting an additional muscle to each department, so things will go smoothly.. or maybe you also doing your own social media and from time to time you respond to comments and messages on FB replying to your customers.


Wow, looks like the world can admire your work ethic and hard work and as a result, can give you a break whenever you don't have time to post this authentic caption on your Instagram weekly update. YOU WISH it would! That's it, yes, you got another DM from an interested person who has discovered you on Instagram search and was wanting to find out about your care strategy for new visitors by asking you a question in the DM, and you were too busy with your recent shopping order and you sent that person a direct link to your website without acknowledging or thanking them for reaching out.

Yes, what did just happen was, the person went to your link, they see the price, and they clicked X on the website. Why?




There can be few reasons, maybe the price wasn't right, maybe they just didn't feel that it's a great value and most likely the truth, because they didn't feel the human connection, which is what social media was meant for in first place. Whenever we have a short conversation on social with the brand's business person who responds kindly with care to their inquiries and new curious visitors, the actual inquiry becomes a fan before they click "follow", and when they become a fan they also become more interested in what you have to offer and say. Now, maybe the offer is not for them and they only found your feed artistically attractive, which resonated with them, but they will definitely share your profile with someone who will buy from you if they found your communication caring for them by responding with an authentic voice.


In today's fast business world it happens almost every day and every minute, where thousands of business owners or their marketers respond too quickly to their Direct messages because they are too busy in doing their other business duties and are fair to say prefer to receive inquiries that are keen to convert rather someone who asks plenty questions.

Unfortunately, that is the wrong thing to do. Especially after a marketing campaign, people who message businesses in social media like to put the Brand into a "Test" and see if their ads lead to a company who is focused on long-term care for their buyers and they will go online and will wait for the business input. From here you know how it goes.




So what's next? you're asking. That just got more serious than ever, it's 2018 and all the marketing just got to another level. Things are moving much faster than a page on the Magazine in the 1960's with something like Flipboard or Instagram as the new official magazine of today. The people online can become your business critics and everyone's review is critical to your business. In the past when restaurants were far from towns, Michelin started to review restaurants in order to encourage people to drive cars and trust their tires, and that's why every Chef is proud to receive 3 Stars. Today, every mobile phone user is the actual Michelin Star provider, and you have to address each one properly. If you won't, let someone else do it for you. Outsource your social media to a company who deals with exactly that or if you have a job opening give it to someone who has just graduated for this role. 
You can then raise the standards in your business and also be relaxed while your business gives a response to people who may be buyers or followers.



The Gold Rush of Social Media giving you the opportunity to interact well with any new follower, connection that come across your platforms in a day. This kind of access to the personal people's lives has never existed before and is one that is oftentimes misused. If you interact with intent and show that person you care, you will get the most of the possibilities in this era for your business.

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