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Why Your Social Media Marketing For Property Never Works Out the Way You Plan

September 24, 2018


A great social media strategy can help supplement your marketing, but before looking into it, let’s see the few great benefits Social Media Marketing has to offer:

  • inbound traffic to your desired site — Website, Facebook page, Landing page

  • Conversion rates

  • Visibility and clear customer brand perception 

  • Save your marketing budget costs

Now that the benefits are clear, let’s explore some interesting facts about why you may have some challenges in your industry and its Marketing on Social Media. 


Not showcasing your business projects and hard work in the places that your target market is looking. Knowing the profile of your target audience is very important but more importantly, knowing where they spend their time most in 2018 is very crucial for your business visibility. 

We don’t have to look at statistics on the web on how businesses changed their advertising spend online and moved on from traditional trends because we can look around us and see what people are doing. You are sitting outside of the cafe, having a breakfast or lunch and you can’t ignore the fact that the guy who’s holding his phone while walking in the same street misses the message on the Bus or the billboard in front of him. Sounds familiar? You may have heard this statement around 4 years ago when people were pitching social media effects to businesses but today it has already become a reality — People are grabbing their phone whenever they see something irrelevant in front of their eyes and if what they see on their phone is irrelevant they will press the X button or uninstall the app. 

Your Social media Channels for your Property developments are the actual storefronts of your business if you will, and in there you have the opportunity to showcase your work, inspiration, projects and tell your story in the best way that your audience wants to hear and as a result, create valuable connections with your past, present and future clients. 



What platforms best for your business, are you asking? —  The users aren’t the same for each social network and they won’t be looking for the same content on each platform. Therefore, your business does not need to be on every social site, Actually, it shouldn’t. You Should pick the ones that can lead to the most facetime with your target audience. You may or may not be on twitter, as it requires consistent updates every few hours of the day for you to be noticeable, but using Snapchat is definitely not a platform form for you if you plan to reach investors and buyers who are not in the 25 years age bracket.




Facebook and Instagram now have the most impact with various demographics users that are growing exponentially with 2 billion users for Facebook and 800 million users for Instagram. Before starting to post your content, it is very important to ask: 


A. What is your message? B. What is your brand? C. Who do you want to reach? 




Facebook exposes your business to the largest possible audience worldwide. The average user spends 20 minutes on Facebook a day, in which you can quickly hold their attention with some creative content. Setting up a Facebook page is very simple and free. It also allows you to have in-app analytics that is very useful for creating your marketing plan and its activities in order to achieve success in the long term. You can compare posts that are performing with posts that aren’t, and as a result, you can keep posting content that your audience is more interested in. 

On Instagram, you are limited to only sharing visual content such as pictures, videos or stories. This makes it the ideal place to share any visuals or videos of your development projects and their surrounding neighbourhood. With a business profile, you will be provided with the same analytics metrics as on Facebook. Actually, you can also manage your ads for Instagram over Facebook’s Ad Manager. The insights are especially useful for planning what to post and what to promote, especially with the help of the feature lookalike audiences.



There are many different things to try on social media, many marketers are overusing the attention span of their target audiences by posting content with irrelevant “Buy my Product now “ to later realize that this is a place for experimentation where you have to give a lot to your viewers before asking something in return.

Above all, you should use social media to tell your customers a continuous story about your business, your work and your ambitions. As the story is being told, you will grow your fans which will be your brand advocates and will lead to business outcomes as a result. 




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