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How to Be Unpopular in the Empathy Business World

October 23, 2018


I have never considered myself as an empathetic person, I always wanted to do things that I imagined and of course that there were always things that I wanted and I did whatever it takes numerous times to get these things. Wait for a second, can you actually get what I just said? I have literally admitted that I did whatever it takes numerous times to get the things that I wanted and does that sound familiar?

Then one day I have been exploring for business opportunities and started to contact many people on social networks and even tried exploring international avenues, where I got to interact with business owners and then I got the impression that empathy is actually important, especially when you want to deal with people for work. And the reality is, that in today’s social interconnectedness it sounded that Empathy is kinda trait to be an important thing.




So what is Empathy really? most people would say it’s the understanding of the other person and the ability to share their feelings got it? so easily said but not easily done. being interested in what you want to achieve can take you only that far, and the route to going farther is the one that involves others, however, to connect with others there is no other way other than becoming an empathetic person. The tutor of my business management degree quoted one day in the classroom “you can fool a few people a few times, you can’t fool everyone all of the time”. 

When people do business they promote their products and services, they sell, they advertise, they promote brand awareness. When growing a business, focusing on the opportunity cost and the “Time is money approach” can cause a business person to put their own needs first in every situation that they are in.




There are many inspirational gurus who talk about taking care of yourself first before you can take care of everyone else, however, when you want to enter into the empathy world you have to think from another perspective. You can never know how to help another person without knowing them and understanding them first and putting your needs second. You can’t promote your business if you don’t understand your clients' aspirations, motivations and ambitions. You won’t bring your business startup to the next level if you don’t understand the same components for your employees and makes them want tick they are only going to provide productivity short term.


 On the other hand, approaching the day with empathy for people, connections, and figuring out what they most want from your connection and how you can best provide them value has a tremendous opportunity to benefit you long term. If you are not going to die in the next few days, the long-term approach is the best way to go. Give Give Give for as much as you can and watch the magic with patience until it unfolds.

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