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You Don't Know What You Don't Know And How To Leverage That Towards A Success In Your Life

November 24, 2018

Many of us doing different things in our life, we work for different organisations or we own different businesses, but what makes us all connected is the fact that we need each other in order to have success in what we do. Businesses are run by people and the reality is, that all of us people are living our lives trying to figure out things in our own way. 

On my way to a video recording in the recent event at Big Boys Toys in Auckland, I struck a conversation with a Jen who shared the insight about how we used to grow as kids and how kids are growing today. In her opinion, in the past, children had less information available in their hand and would agree to anything that their parents and teachers would tell them.  As a result, their confidence would grow with proportion to the knowledge they receive from adults and books that they may or may not read at the time. However in today's time, She went on, children get to answer quickly to adults with smart responses with further confidence because they feel more confident as a result of checking in with Google and other information sorts that are available instantly.

 With that said whether people choose to believe it or not,  today we have choices to make that are based on what we know and there are choices we can make that invites us to explore into the discovery of the outcome, a goal or an idea that we are building upon. We can choose to go and spend energy towards a discovery of an outcome and the opportunity ahead or we can assume that we know that outcome and move on. 


There are many brain scientists, celebrity figures and speakers that cover the topic of our brain preventing us from doing things in order to keep us safe so we can keep reproducing our next generation for the survival of humanity. In one of the recent popular book "The Brain That Changes Itself" Norman Doidge talks about the phenomenon called "Use it or lose it" which simply says that with every new activity or action that you introduce to your brain, it will gladly develop a new space for more neurons in order to bring more skills and success achieving in it. And whenever you choose to not take that action, then as a result, that dedicated space will be allocated towards a simple action such as moving your right eyelash and so on and which your being is already familiar with. The stream of information that tells us to not do things is the resistance in disguise before a new opportunity to come and a new success path ahead. Whenever a challenge introduces itself, a new decision needs to be made and the question will be whether you want to go flip and lift that rock and check the next one or just keep the path of walking the normal known journey ahead. 


Deciding what you want to do next, writing it down, and then using your whole being in order to go and accomplish it, creates a path, direction, a process that fills you with engagement and drives the cells of your body towards the world, leading to fulfilment meaning and gratification. Knowing what's ahead is an indication sign of direction for the requirement to walk into a new unknown path.
When you think in terms of in perpetuity and that there is no end to what you can do, a good inertia of ongoing actions with following repeat good actions are going to pull you towards living with Purpose. 

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