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Tell yourself the story you need to hear in order to succeed in your journey

December 7, 2018

What is in my head right now? the question that many ask themselves first thing in the morning or maybe a little bit later in the day. 
How can you do the work that you love with people that you like and in the way you want? - The answer is different for everyone, of course.
Many humans love living life one way and then there are many others who love living it differently. There are 7 billion of us in this earth and all of us have a story of our own, a unique point of view that can't be replicated, had never existed before and for as far as I am aware of, will not repeat in the future. 

Here's Robert Greene's take on the subject:

When it comes to living a good life, in most situations we look for role models and associations to ornaments with big houses that have more rooms than the people who are living in it, 2 sports cars in the garage, and if you are from Auckland you also looking at a boat that can measure in size. If you are someone else, who has a different perspective on the above-mentioned object, then you might be happy with what is around you whenever it is around you. Walk in the park and sit on the bench smelling the scent of the gardens and being present in each moment.  The fact of the matter is, that today we are living in a world where there is no right way of living and every way if it's friendly and safe, is acceptable. 
And this is where telling ourselves the story we want is the most important of all. 
Whether you are on an ambitious striving road to becoming a business magnate or heading towards a route for being  the next tourism-travel in the galaxy inventor, you are still waking up in the morning with a question mark about what story is going to be today and what would you like to think about next, wouldn't you agree? 

 When we answer this question with objective tone, in most of the times we get to start a day that makes us be proud about. 
James Allen says good thoughts lead to good actions bad thoughts lead to bad actions. The simplicity of it couldn't be explained in other words. 
So what story is a good one to tell yourself each day? 

There are plenty of motivational speakers who can take you on that route and help out, and one of the most known to live a good happy and positive life was Louise Hay who distributed Affirmation notes to inspire millions and gratitude programs that empower people even after she is gone. 


 Sometimes we hear a lot of stories about other people's lives and when they describe the optimal living in their terms we get to capture
their story in our own. So what to do now? how do you go back and tell the story that you want in your life, because now someone else's story is in our head? 


Try this exercise: "What am I thinking about right now ?" & "what do I want to think about right now that is good for me? " and then? no brainer - Think what you want. 
when you take time to ask these quality questions you are activating your most powerful tool, the mind. When you get to tell your mind what you want to do, you win. And each time when you win you want to do more of it. 




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