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Which Journey May be your destination?

December 12, 2018

The journey we choose is the path that we are walking in our life. 
In this path, we have the people who are part of it, our work and our meaningful purpose that we believe in. 
Throughout our life, we embark on different journeys on the way to our destination, and some journeys are yet to come. 
most importantly the journey that one person wants, does not always lead to the actual journey that she had imagined and that's what makes it a bit of a more interesting puzzle to solve. 

Our journeys in life are evolving because the destinations are too. 
when we were kids, some of us wanted to be astronauts or pilots, we wanted to conquer the world like the famous King Alexander until we grew up and figured out that times have changed and now there are even more exciting things for our era and our destination choices might have expanded. We can invent things, form our own startups, and to the better, we can dictate our own stories of who we are and even make our own designer brands. So there are so many more destinations for us and many journeys and that is waiting for you to come on board.

The most common questions people ask in a given opportunity to explore the topic further is, What do I love doing ? what is my destination and will it be the right one for me? 
And one of the best answers I receive from people who have lived life and who are enjoying every moment of it, that you can't find what you love and what's best for you if you don't try different things.


For example, if you don't try seafood, how could you know that seafood is your favourite type of food or if you haven't left the country for your first travel, how can you tell that the next thing you will most love doing is travelling around the world and recording travel videos. 
If you don't go to as many business meetings in your day, how will you know that what you love to do is entrepreneurship and developing a startup company that improves the conditions of many individuals and businesses?



One of my favorite lines from the book of Man's  Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl is "Life is asking you a question, and the way you live is your answer".


Today, you will have opportunities that will unfold for you, and you will be in charge whether you want to start the journey and walk towards that outcome or stay in your current journey and keep going to the expected destination.  We are capable of experiencing things and learn more about them after the experience. As a result, we are also able to assess what makes us happy and what we want more of. The more we do things the more we get to choose what we want to have as part of our life. 







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