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December 15, 2018

Most of the businesses need clients and customers in order to thrive, but when it comes to understanding what your audience wants to hear and create more happy-exchange moments, social media is the gateway to The ROI. And The ROI is People. 



Social media platforms are holding the most of the consumer's attention and the most important focus points are the nuances and features of the platforms that make their time enjoyable there. The below are the most recent trends that you should consider watching and practising if you are trying to grow your business.




Stories on Instagram and Facebook Platforms

it's been said that Stories on social media now are overtaking the feed. This means that people now are spending more clicks on viewing the Instagram and Facebook Stories features in a video form. what it means for businesses, that if they produce content in a video for stories with a valuable content for their audience, they have higher chances to stand out with their products and services. 
A good practice to start with is having a routine of producing 3 interesting stories about the business every day. once the habit is formed, then your experience in doing that will also increase and you can then lift the ante onto producing 5-7 interesting stories for your audience a day. It's Okay to have regular posts in a company business page every week, and businesses who are putting together an additional input for stories each week have a huge leverage over the businesses who only rely on feed posts and several ads.


Adding more Video Posts in feed for all your social media platforms. 

The views on Social media and  Online are climbing Towards 80%.
This means that the daily consumer tends to choose video post over a normal post online. Remember, we used to go to movies thinking that is the best time of our life a few decades ago because this was the only best entertainment options people could have back in the days. Having good posts is essential, but having a great video content to connect with your customers is much more engaging and is boosting the chances of your putting a visible footprint in the noisy social media internet space. 



Navigation of content and distribution channels - AKA Social Media Platforms

Oftentimes your company creates valuable content over time in some trade shows, events, exhibitions and special moments in a video form and if not used, it remains back in the archives. Customers aren't seeing it, More importantly, people in social media today, are forgetting the posts they are seeing fast. the fact that billions of people on earth sending constant updates to social media feeds and stories, the only way to stand out is to create more and produce more, or if not, the next option is  - curate content that has already been made. You can cut pieces of your valuable content from the past that worked well, and then distribute in your social media platforms in order to share it again and as a result, engage your audience by reminding about those great moments of highlights by reusing. A great way to share a curated content is to cut 20-30 seconds valuable video content with a punchline to share on Instagram, convert a video into 15 seconds and share it in stories, write a valuable insight share for LinkedIn audience and add the curated video with the same punchline in order to highlight your post and make it stand out.





Try taking action today with your social media account for business by recording a video from your current location, Snap a selfie in front of your shop, get a photo of a dog walking in the park or more. every minute is an opportunity to tell a story  - share it on your stories and add value with a caption for your message, then Use the same video as a feed post and write a relevant caption on that post - if it's Facebook, write something your Facebook friends will like, if it's Linked In, talk about your business week and sum it up with one sentence + the video post, if it's Instagram talk about the journey you are going in few words with a video attached. 


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