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December 18, 2018

One of the amazing privileges that some of we have as being in the business for a decade is that we have accumulated life experiences and business skills throughout the interactions with people, consumers and partners in many fields. The average businesswoman has at least 8000-10000 hours of experience in her trade. If you haven't accumulated experience in business, you may have gathered 10,000 hours of doing another craft that the above group didn't, so, either way, this means there is one of you in the market. 


The biggest question people ask is "am I good enough to become an expert in my field and who am I to decide on that type of thing"? which talks to our self-expression. 
So if you feel like there's something you want to say, that something inside of you wants to get out and there's a difference you want to make, then running your own PR activity on social media would be the right thing to do in order to get your voice towards the people who need to hear it. 



What is my own PR activity you may be asking?
It may be few things or it could be even dozen or a hundred things, mainly it all depends on what you are planning to use as social platforms and then creating content for these platforms will lead do a direction where a business, a starting influencer promotes themselves. 



Today people like seeing a lot of behind the scenes, they love looking at people who have emotions and who are good at showing them to the world and I can confidently say that this is one of the reasons reality shows are so successful, it because they deliver emotions in the stream of the tv show. We all like to relate to things that are in common with our own feelings, likes and ambitions. 

"PRing yourself made easy" 


 Now, what does that mean to you, the up and coming influencer who experienced an edge of Fame for a while and now set out to march on your own? The business owner who decided to bring a product from overseas and launch it to your local market, or the marketer who contemplates on the next best media strategy to win a success with the company you represent.


There is no right answer for this, and it's not because it's complicated, but because we are living in a world that is running with a speed of a scroll in the next social feed or the next 15-second video that captures most of the attention of your potential target. So right now, most of the attention is there and I would highly recommend practising these features and becoming a daily user by posting and trialling content the more the merrier.

A good way to look at it is that every minute is an opportunity for you to tell something you feel, something that can relate to others, and something beautiful that you can communicate to the people who are the same like you - a human being. 

"Attention is the Arbitrage - Gary Vaynerchuk"



The Tips in a nutshell. 


1) Use the stories Features of the different platforms ( Instagram stories, Facebook stories, Snapchat,) in order to audit 15 seconds of your business meeting with a potential client, a casting opportunity or a potential customer in your store. Then share it in your day.

As mentioned in my previous blog post about most recent trends in social media, Stories on social media have been overtaking the feed, therefore it means, people will visit your story more often if you upload videos documenting your day as a good reason for a view. 
People love doing business with people they can relate and with products that have interesting stories behind them and the stories feature gives the equal opportunity to showcase your uniqueness. 



2) Create consistency around your social media posts, whether you like posting once on Facebook and twice on Instagram, make sure that you are doing the same routine every week. consistency shows to your visitors that you are very serious with your craft and are worthy of attention, and as a result these people have a 1000% opportunity to recommend you to the other people who are going to buy things from you, give you the golden ticket or by all means get you a promotion that worth a one of a kind career. 



3) Invest in design whenever it is possible for your top posts in order to deliver the valuable message to your viewers in the way which they will find attractive. 


"Our work is the presentation of our capabilities". Edward Gibbon

When I went on my job interview for the automotive industry a few years ago, I've received a feedback for why I got the job mentioning that my CV was well presented and that there is an expectation of all my other proposal letters to look as attractive. You can tell really well why businesses that sell gift boxes with candies on Instagram are very successful - it's because they have mastered the art of presentation with the right colours and toppings for each box. 
When you add good design to your Stories, your posts, your videos and everything in between, you are definitely communicate something attractive, and attractive is good for your business profile identity. 


In Novime 008 episode I talk about the importance of Stories on a business meeting. (watch the video here)



4) Last for the best is - Add personality and "Improv" to your video posts. (for Personal branding video tips click here ) There is a reason why TV show hosts make people want to come back for more, and some of the morning presenters personalities are remembered very well because of their eccentric character when they are on camera. 


"Omg your joke almost killed me. Not really!" 



you can practice a funny intro voice for the first video of your story each day, make a shocking announcement if you are hosting someone on your podcast, have a funny smile like Nicolas Cage from the movie "Face Off". People always talk about the funniest things they've experienced in their days and what made them memorable, make sure that you give them that feeling when they come to visit you. 


The only way to do the right thing is by practising many things until the one thing you do well is the right one for you, means it's the one you love. 



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