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The Authentic Business Model VS The Corporate Model in 2018

December 19, 2018

In today's and busy distracted world With the emerging technology and the way entertainment has been scaling with mobile devices, often times it will make sense more and more than getting the attention of our customers and clients getting a little bit harder and harder. 


When I look at business meetings, where people are dressed up with formal suits to gather up in a room of 4-10 people between 4 walls, and a flat TV screen to discuss the next business opportunity it sounds that the next 40 minutes will be productive, no cafe shop noise in the background, no other distractions, everyone's phones are in silent mode and the attention of the guys and girls in the meeting is held to achieve a goal that operates against the emerging trends that have become our current lives. 


These types of meetings are still happening and are still going for as long as 40 minutes and one hour. 

In fact, because these practices are still done that way, there are many businesses who are glad for this shortcoming, they are at a huge upside and scale faster in the marketplace due to the slow movement of some large corporates. 




There are many who understand today's most valuable statement that we trade attention with money. In today's time, people have more freedom and they can choose if they want to spend 40 minutes in order to receive value or get it somewhere else in 10 minutes and in a more fun and engaging way.
it is very likely to find that 6 out of 10 people who attend a meeting mentioned in the above paragraph are checking their phone for a big proportion of its time.



In the authentic business model, companies are using social media as the go-to place for advertising and most importantly, for telling an engaging story about their brand and behind the brand. They spend less time in meetings because the demand of the public requires them to create engaging content on a continual basis. The longest meetings should start at 5 minutes and end at 15. 



The people of today spend their most of the time on mobile platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and are looking for ways to receive information in many valuable entertaining ways. Once a customer feels entertained they come back for a second round a 3rd and a 10th round. If on their second round they don't find the value or entertainment they are looking for, they simply switch to another place where they can do find the fun and authenticity that they want to see. 

What this means for businesses who want to trade, in order to have a return on investment for their business is that they have to provide valuable information in the terms of the platforms and in ways that are liked by people who are visiting there. 

Providing value can be done in many ways. One of the most common ways to give value is giving information for free, providing a lesson or a valuable insight with the language of the brand in a way that can relate to the target audience. 


The harder way to provide value with impact is to do something that no other brand will do, and to focus on the micro approach. Here is an example: Famous singers such as Taylor Swift appeared at a Birthday party of a girl and sang a song for Free. It didn't provide a much of a monetary ROI for the singer, but it did create a valuable impact for their brand which later led to a huge ROI in the long term for the people who have seen the happiness in the eyes of the Birthday girl. 

There are many micro approach opportunities for small businesses, providing free demonstrations of products with creativity, adding value with the expertise by doing a group event to giveaway some of the costly ideas for free and there are many more examples to follow with if you find a place for creativity with execution.  





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In this video, we go to Raglan, New Zealand and talk about trends that are emerging and attention that goes on daily social media videos benefiting brands and up and coming influencers.







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