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The Gift Of Life

January 6, 2019

One of the most interesting topics as people are growing up finding out more reasons for their being is the actual realisation of the gift of life. 


Thinking about little babies when they are just 6 months old and are often times very content tranquil and calm. How fascinated they are about their environments, they learn to appreciate the real world in front of their eyes and they have the freedom, for exploration, more accurately, for the realisation.


Then later, they grow to 6 years and get familiar with more laws of physics while playing with superhero toys or if we want to stay more relevant — they discover gravity with the gyroscope of the smartphone game of their parent. 



There are just enough neurons firing in their mind in order to understand what they need and what they want at that stage of their life. 

the more we grow up, the more we receive knowledge about our life and the beauties of it. The possibilities to create way more creative beauties and expand our own minds as we delve into these areas without interruptions. 


Imagine what you can become if you just picture as you were a child, who didn’t care about anything else but just focusing on realising the views that your eyes are showing to you and the actions you can take with your imagination, That you are safe, worthy of kindness, of abundance, of opportunity, of enjoyment and fun in each second of breath you take. 

The gift of life can help you realise that you are a contribution to others and that you are the only one who sees the world the way you do.

You are becoming very interesting every day, what you do matters and what you have to give has an irreplaceable value to other people.

Imagine, live and become the self you always wanted to be. 




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