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7 Tips for maximizing Video Opportunity for your Clients and Yourself

January 19, 2019


When you go to that meeting with your next client for doing some recording footage you might want to be sure to avoid the “wing it as you go” approach unless you are that person that likes inventing and improvising on the spot, And this is absolutely amazing.


In the creative space, there are no really best set of rules for doing everything right— it is all as thinking makes it so, Shakespeare. What you do with your art makes people think passionate things and if it’s strong enough to connect with them and evoke strong emotions striking in the heart then you’ve done an exquisite job.


Below are 7 tips that will help you get the most when approaching a video making the opportunity.




1. Choose the work you love doing and do it more often — An artist is an artist because she chooses to do her work by her own design which makes her different which sets her apart from the rest. If you love doing wedding videography, surround yourself with opportunities that relate to events and network only in that field. If you like doing business videos, do the same approach for that space and if your landscapes, you might as well find your path to excel in that field. Choosing the work you love doing gives empowerment and creates a map rather than following an existing route.



2. Become the most dominant person in the room — this is not just about being an extrovert and when you doing freelancing or wanting to get your startup to the next level, a lot of things come to importance, especially the grabbing of the opportunities in the current room. Every time when you go to meet a client in the filming destination, you want to be able to use your vision and hearing and then match what would suit best for your footage. For example, if you are filming in a Villa, don’t just do few B-rolls at the entrance and the backyard, but also explore great art opportunities and involve furniture that can supplement the footage with objects of impact. Include that Telescope in the background of your subject, look for chandeliers for those gorgeous spinning slow-mo footage, make use of the pets available and animate the scene the way you feel is going to win in your video. The last thing you want to think about while doing this is “shyness” because your career is way more important.



3. Communicate what you are doing ASAP — being a film producer is more like being an artist, and being an artist leads you to do more work and more work means you get more attention with a reputation to build up. So you have been filming an event and many people seen you there with your marvellous delivery on hand with your Camera talking and doing great work. and networking has its benefits, the fun comes along and then there’s that high feeling of productivity connection and it is easy for a second to assume that everyone understands what you are doing. When someone contacts you via social media — explain to them exactly what you are doing in simple words, and also provide a link for a recent project that you have done. The reality is, People actually get turned down when the artist tries to withhold information or stall the communication and then they go to someone else who can provide it faster.


4. Give give give — provide free advice whenever there is a chance and need for it. Only give that help where your skills are welcome because selling and ice to an Eskimo don’t make sense. When working with people, you will find that besides yourself, everyone is trying to live life and also learn new things and educating from mistakes of their own. From time to time, you will have the opportunity to help with your expertise and to give that gift to your client when they most need it. do it for free and they will love you forever. They will, as a result, recommend you to more people, which then later lead to more referral business.


5. Am I doing the most important thing that I could be doing ? — when doing videos for your own brand awareness, one of the things that passionate artists tend to do is produce art for their own enjoyment. You may love doing amazing visual effects and transitions or capturing those landscape drone shots in the golden hour and then creating a sizzle video which could take between 10 or under 10 hours, and then later to discover that you wasted enormous passion and emotional labour without having a goal. Asking the question “am I doing the most important I could be doing” can point you at the direction you need to go whenever you feel like being creative. You can find out that there is footage you need to add for one part of your business video, or you need a tiny addon part for one of your new customers. it’s like a fire that is controlled that created the best cooking dish.




6. Have so much content that you won’t need to worry — about making more content for small work, ad campaigns and supplementary work. When I go out for errands or even to check new trends while out on about, I always find great views that I can quickly store in my Camera for later use. Videographers use plenty of their own footage for their clients’ works, it is simply like having your own stock videos. It can be done in a busy street while visiting shops with friends, a sunset in the city or beautiful gardens while having a picnic with friends. Every moment outside is an opportunity to create and your memory card doesn’t fill itself and there’s no prize for keeping them on near empty storage capacity.




7. Don’t just rely on Videos — Many photographers decide that they are only Still photographers and also video artists may have the same decision about doing video only. The truth is that the more value you can add for your partners to work the better perception they will have on you. Let’s talk about these moments when you are about to shoot your next scent scene and need footage for behind the scenes for later to share on social media — this is more often watched than the original videos, the parts in between are the ones that make every story even more interesting. Whenever you have a chance for taking photography, relying on your smartphone will not always be practical and Switching your mirrorless on Auto is a good way to capture some great shots of your clients’ projects which later you can share with them and let them entice their social media audience with more content about their exciting projects.




Rocky Gershenovich is a New Zealand businessman from Lithuania.

He is the Founder Novimedia NZ, an agency that helps People and businesses market themselves in today's time.

Rocky is also  the producer of the Daily vlog Novime show the chronicles of his daily business activities, business meetings, people interactions and also sharing valuable daily experiences.


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Rocky is the host of the Novimedia NZ Show, where he invites people to share their stories of business and life with positive impact on the world .


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