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If you are Reading this you are a Media Company

January 27, 2019

Sometimes we are waiting for that signal that says, yes we got it just right. That this is it, and now there is a road to follow about how to publish the next story on the Internet and Media. It's safe and from now on, we do it that way. 


The one issue with this sentence is that it has nothing to do with our inner centre of creativity and it focuses on the external chances created by others.

The bigger issue to rise when we focus on the outside, is that we don't have much control and the extraneous pretty much isn't able to tell if you are in balance or if you should change your strategy - let alone if you are in the right direction and what is the next action.

Seems impossible otherwise? the next question is are you ready to get on to work. The world has given you control over the means of exposure, not to know how to master them is a seriously bad call.



In today's time, we have the internet and social media has the most valuable platforms with billions of users in them who are waiting for your content every single day.


In the past, we used to have 6–7 men and women who sat at a conference room in a skyscraper who used to dictate what will get published and what will not, who will be advertised and who will not - depending on the amount of money that they spend. Nevertheless, the content was pushed only one way and people didn't have a choice but to accept it. 

The good news is, that today the rules have changed big time and now every person with a smartphone has the opportunity to reach the world and tell her story.

We have become a feedback loop driven society. People can go into a restaurant and post their photos with feedback about their visit, a family who is having dinner can send a direct message to an insurance company and share their thoughts and feelings about the unannounced phonecall of an insurance agent who is hungry for their next commission. 


If you are a business that has something to say or want to sell your products and services, then now you've literally entered the self-marketing world where work ethic is rewarded and you can distribute valuable content for others to appeal to, resonate with and most importantly share with other people they interact with. 

Today, there will be numerous posts on social media that will relate to others and there will be hundreds or thousands of them that will not. 
Businesses like to let some other sales staff or reception staff take care of their social media content creation without being aware that this act is actually

giving the heart of the business to someone who isn't specialised in this field doing it as a secondary duty. "yes I will post a curated photo and copy paste a cool sentence from quotes site and publish it on Tuesday", check, the job is done.



But not really, because the social media interface has real people who are visiting it and they can read the signs of a curated post that has been copied over hundreds of times, which means they will prefer seeing a more engaging post and preferably Video is the one that will win their heart in 2018. 


If you want to reach people and let them know you can help them, the best way to do it is to provide real value with intent, by committing to show up every day to your social media and sharing useful information that is related to your type of business yet helpful to your audience more than it is transactional to you. 


understand that you are a media company.  In addition to the stocking activities and face to face sales, you have to understand that people like the be the shot callers, they like doing activities on their own chosen time - watch the shows on demand and when they like, check the things that they want online, search for solutions that are most helpful, and the best places to do so are in the mobile device. The content you produce about your company will make or break their decision point about doing business with you. 


In your next post, you can make the decision to add value to your customer, give something for free, let people t enjoy the moment before they need to pay for something or you can post a "Call to action, visit my shop to buy Plants" and watch people go somewhere else where they do get something for free and then recommend to other 20 people to go and try that thing that later makes into a buying decision.




Rocky is the founder of Novimedianz, also the host of the daily business reality show Novime documenting daily business activities, speaking events, and life in New Zealand.
Specialising with social media use in business as a go-to place for marketing, reaching more people and help them to discover trending topics
Novimedia helps businesses to market themselves on Social Media with Star Power video, engaging content and in between.


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