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Top 5 Content Marketing Tips to Attract More clients For Your Work

March 3, 2019

 Many people are saying that if you start a business with a great idea, then everyone else would do it and you’d see people around doing a lot of the same thing. Then if everyone else is doing the same thing isn’t it the exact same scenario as waiting in a huge line for ice cream? or competing on price with a competitor for the same client?

So let’s dive straight into the tips on how you can promote yourself and attract those clients for your business so you can get more of the work that you want to get done and put those skills into someone who really needs it. 


  1. Execute on Bad Ideas — the reality as we see it today wouldn’t look so wonderful if people wouldn’t create them for us, in fact, people in the past thought that aeroplanes were a bad idea nevertheless sending a man to the moon. However, someone was persistent enough to execute on their beliefs, putting their skillset together, talking to enough people so they can convince the president J.F Kennedy to actually approve the project of putting a man in a spaceship. The Wright brothers didn’t quit after their first attempts and eventually made the first flying aeroplane. The willingness to execute on bad ideas when no one else thinks that what you are doing makes sense is the gateway to success. Today, try taking one step further in acting on that thought that you had in your head and praise yourself because the world will thank you for it later.



2. Take the “Daring Selfie” and get yourself seen by more people and in more places. One of my biggest fears back in the days was asking one of my previous employers to take a selfie with me until I eventually got a moment when they were walking in a hallway between meetings and somehow I pushed myself into that skydive and told them “ yo whatsup, Let’s do a selfie together! and then guess what, they were happy for it and later I tried it more in public places and with more people that I don’t know. This builds your confidence to get out there and promote your personal brand out there. It doesn’t matter what caption you have on your Instagram with that selfie for as long as it is relevant — most people love seeing selfie photos. Going back to the old days, painters were making fortune from doing portrait photos and only the famous figures and barons could afford the highlight at that time. So today, think of what you can do with your selfie camera. Whether you are shooting a film and you want to grab a selfie with your client, or you are out an about in a conference and have the potential to grab a photo with the speaker and the people that are involved. the more people see you with more other people, the more chances are for you to enter into the “wanted highlight area” of your clients.


 @stuntmaory — Instagram 


3. Promote your work activities on your personal social media pages as much as possible and with relevance to your followers. There are many people who know other people and who know even more people that can later help you or potentially become your target client. Behind the scenes, activities with your previous clients or with new people you get to meet in networking groups is a great opportunity to share with your personal social media profiles. Even though your aunties and close friends know what you’re doing, Jane who has recently connected with you has a meeting with her boss next week to discuss marketing and what you share on your personal social media might be giving her potential ideas that could lead you to a wonderful opportunity to do more business in the future. So don’t worry if that next post may not suit and just go for it an post it. the timeline algorithms are so fast and people see many things coming and if you shared something you haven’t shared before it will also create an intrigue. When people see something done online that is different than others, it attracts more curiosity and this is good for you the content creator, in addition, it separates you from your competition. 


4. Believe that your content helps someone else. Feedback is a great way of discovering if what you are doing is helpful, and unfortunately getting feedback from everyone is not always gonna sound what you want to hear and there would be a few who may object your ideas. Here is the good news — there are many people who will love your content because they are your target market. Give yourself the Green Light for the publishing of any content that you have and also collect feedback, however, don’t stop making your content whenever you encounter negative feedback, treat it like a stepping stone because stepping stones always lead to something better for the next time and you are sharpening your skills along the journey.




5. Create Smaller pieces of different content layers from your long Video. long-form video content is great if you have a YouTube Channel and it can be shared with others easily while also adding brand awareness for your business as a content creator. To get your message more readers, viewers and eventually into the eyes of your target market, a good idea is to create a blog that discusses what you have covered in the Long Format Video in short bullet-points and then adds the video in the article so your readers can refer to your originality. Every video has some great valuable pieces in it and you can cut 15-second valuable pieces and share them with subtitles on Instagram and Facebook Stories additionally with other social media platforms that your audience spends their time in. Create “Picture Quotes” with the people who are saying them in your videos or of yourself.


 Longform video example in the recent meetup in Auckland, NZ 



Try these tips out and play with the frequency and your content marketing strategy and let me know how you find it.

We have some great content ahead.


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