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March 8, 2019

Obscurity in business is one of the biggest conversation topics in today's time and also what leads to so many opportunities for marketers to solve these problems and get paid for.

The more important "Informative Truth"  that businesses can become aware of what makes them invisible and save $$$ for advertising. 


While there are many ways to reduce obscurity, I will share with you the top 3 missteps that are now preventing your chances of being seen by your potential customers. 




1) Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn only as a communication tool. 

While many of us use these platforms today for sharing videos, photos and articles utilising all their new most recent features such as stories, unfortunately there are many people who are still holding to the fascinating fact that you can easily find new friends and add new connections that you can exchange information with, so they only do that. add many connections and friends and leave the rest to - Maybe a potential business chat inviting for a coffee sometime. How probable is that to happen when you add someone who didn't know you before? 


A great point of realisation is that making new connections and expanding circles in more places is a great approach, but there is a better advantage  for your connections when they can see something valuable coming from your connection and that helps them somehow with their day.

Use Social Media apps to share content in Video, photo, written articles.

For example, 15 second inspirational video clip in the morning can uplift 50-100 people who are watching your daily stories. 10 second funny Video clip about Donald saying something funny to "Tim Apple" could Crack a Laugh easing on the hearts of  40-90 of your LinkedIn friends on  stressful moment workday on a Friday. 


You don't need to be a consistent as someone who who shares content excessively, but people will thank you if you share something that made you feel better. If you love to share Free business advice and make more people feel great with your profession, they will thank you for that and when the time will be right, they won't forget to recommend the right person to your business as a customer.


2) Having an invisible fear for coming on stage with your own video.

The start of 2019 brings stats with 80% of video content being consumed on social media. This means that almost 8 of 10 people in a household, 80 out of 100 in a neighborhood are using their phones to watch video posts that are shared on social media every day. The two intriguing questions, why do they love to tune into videos so much? why at the moment ? 

To answer the first, video is processed 60,000 times faster than text is, it is stored in the long memory bank of our brains and the eye associates information to the brain much more faster when it sees something clear and will always prefer an image over a crowded text or an article with many words.

Why today, because technology had made video accessible to everyone's phone, this means everyone can be interesting enough to capture someone's attention. In 2004  Nokia released their 6230 version and  many people were starting to record their own videos with one of the first ever video phone cameras, then Facebook had already started to work on creating the experience of people sharing some content online. 

To not upload your own video sharing your authenticity and boring business daily activities can be on of the bigger reasons why customers will skip over to the next business that does share authentic selfies of CEOs  who take it with their employees. 



3) One Victory will stage your business for the whole year

The thought that after having a one big win, maybe it's a collaboration with another entity that was shared in a famous online publication or an appearance in a local Famous Reality TV Show and now seems that people know who you are and are willing to come back for more. This is a dangerous thought for your business because viral information is more likely to disappear after 48 hours and move to the next interesting topic. Because of the democracy of sharing information between people on social media is equal it is just a matter of minutes until the next interesting topic will be shared on the internet. 

Building presence step by step, brick by brick, treating wins as stepping stones and adding information on a consistent basis for your business pages makes sure the people you follow are invited to come back for more and bring more of those friends who will attract even more followers. One example of maintaining good consistency without spending a lot of energy is using content that you already published  and repurposing it with another perspective by sharing it in a different design and title.



Try implementing these tips starting from today by taking small steps, produce a 5 second video before you go to record 1 minute one, make a video of yourself saying "good morning" and "have a nice day" on stories before you are adding your 2 cents for how to run a chocolate factory business from the CEO's perspective. 


Make sure you tune into the next  blog post, because we are going to bring you something fresh to get a new  advantage for your business marketing.


For more tips on how you can take advantage of videos and benefit from social visit our content in video and social media below 



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