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Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses - Chef Can I ask you a question?

April 12, 2019

One of the greatest places to be as a business today is in the location tags of social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook and a few noticed the rising trend of google maps which has created an ascending rise of contributors who share photos and videos about the places they visit around the globe.



Surely a decade ago, we have been working in the day or we would lay back on the weekend until  we decide we want to hangout outside to explore the nearest town center blindfolded until one cafe or restaurant will capture our senses as we pass by. However now these times have changed and people are more likely to take the extra 10-15 minutes to do their due diligence on Social Media for what places are Hot to visit and where do they serve the best flower artwork cafe in the area. 


Below I'd like to share the best strategies for businesses in order to appeal to more customers in order to make that steady and consistent workflow and customer visitation not only on summer, but throughout the whole year. 


Introduce the faces behind the brand & Share on Social 


Whether your business is a trendy clothing store or a local cafe or a restaurant, it is pretty obvious that the storefront is one of the major factors that makes a first impression, attraction and visitation. Visuals will make a good use, and the people who make these beautiful ornaments are not very much seen and they are most likely the ones behind the scenes. These people are the Chef, the visual Merchandiser, the head of waiters or the smiling barista who welcomes visitors every morning leading with a scent of aroma.  In the social media environment, people seem to admire authenticity and the businesses who share not only their wins and successes but also the dirt behind the scenes with some of the cold hard failures will win most of the appreciation from their followers, which will eventually going to lead to shares with friends and other locals who can consider buying in the shop and create consistent business outcomes. 




So don't linger any further, it's time to feature your next employee in Video story who is the face of your brand. Featuring an employee of your business creates awareness also for them and this also benefits the relationship of the employer/employee and long term business relationships are always rewarded with piece of mind. 


Embrace creating ongoing content. 


The days of publishing a column in a magazine and framing it in the business premises are over.

Now, the world of buyers democracy and free will to choose and recommend what they want has created an opportunity to so many small businesses and solopreneurs to succeed with their business in a short period of time. Everyone can do it in their own way and pace. You don't need to serve a 100 people if you can be doing great work with 5 customers and have good profit for your business and still feed the family while doing what you love. However, for that to happen, effort and hard work is always preferred than a lazy one time post from september last year. If you aren't posting videos and stories on the social platforms of today, Facebook,LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram you are at a risk of becoming vulnerable and irrelevant overtime. This opportunity is available and posting content is free and reachable and might as well not going to be here forever. Grab your phone, call that videographer and make it happen.  



How are you helping the community ?


Excuse me Chef, can I ask you a question? Yes, the Chef answered. 

So how are you helping the community ? - "well, we are a non profit cafe and we throw a feast to feed 1,000 people once every now and then. We've cooked over 300 kgs of meat, so locals can come and enjoy". James Wheeler, Executive Chef, Crave Cafe, Auckland.  



The story of your business doesn't have to be as heroic as the above, however people sometimes wonder why is this person in business and how they are helping the world, and this is a nice stage where you can step in with confidence and share why have you started in business. The degree that a business contributes to their community has a direct impact to the degree of their stability of customer visitation throughout the whole year.

In my case it was an epiphany moment when I sat down with a client who was willing to pay thousands of dollars for advertising services that no longer work and as a result I have created a company  that helps people to promote themselves in the time of today and I believe that money well spent on advertising helps the community as a whole to serve more people who need their help. 

Your story starts from the community, they are the reasons businesses exist and they call the shots. Asking the question, what does my community needs and what can i do in order to serve them with my business is a wonderful quality question for every company to have in their mission statement. 




This is it for today, and I hope you got some good insights reading this blog. 

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