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Babysitting and Success in Social Media are more likely to be on the Kinship

April 29, 2019


Recognise the era we are living in 

Looking over the shoulder 15 and more years ago, before  the editors in the newsroom would publish an article they would collect the data, photography and all pieces of the interview so later they can publish it out to the public. Then the and video are published, the public gets to see it and everyone would comment their opinions in the living room or with their friends at the spa as they hold the magazine to later expect for another one to come in the next month. 



The short scenario above makes everyone's jobs simple and the public happy, but most importantly it gives a sense of happier ending for everyone.

However that wouldn't be the story that runs in our days fast paced communication socially dipped environment where everyone has a say and their share of voice is ultimately at their own tips of their fingers.

When  we examine the exchange of information that goes in 2019 and onwards, 

we find that the public has the free choice to view, watch and learn aspects on their own time. Teenagers are learning the most sophisticated video editing skills on Youtube, Toddlers are figuring out the rules of gravity through the use of the tablet games. This means that our society today is shifting through an enormous era of awareness and the ability to have many perspectives like never before. 

 " Running a successful social media presence for your business is like babysitting,  you have to keep an eye  on your content and later you have to prepare a dinner for it, and sometimes to take it out to the park for the fresh air."



Adjust after Production 

Not only people want to see quality content whenever they choose to give their eyeballs to some video or article, but they also want the best parts of it. They want more best parts of content to follow through.

This is happening at scale, and not only in the business world but also in the entertainment and the movies industry. 



We can see the constant reboots of famous films like "spiderman" , and we can see that the Avengers movie has a way of reproducing more content by releasing more sequels for the individual hero characters, and we have also seen it happening before with X-men. At first we have seen the movie that has all the "character content" in a whole big movie which later followed to focus on heroes stories by focusing the attention to one by one per film production. 



What Content tips are working in 2019 ? 

What it means for a business in the content creation world, that you can now produce a big piece of content, may it be a big article that documents your journey of how great your business is reuniting the community in your country in the Australasia region or the middle east and your cause is a "Super World Important Topic" yet it doesn't' even gets 5 readers to like your article. 




People just don't want to read your stuff because it's too long or maybe it's too short, or for the worst maybe it sucks and it is not interesting, which means that now you have to think about another way of coming back with a better and a more suitable content for your audience. 


People Are Made For Infinity 

Babysitting your content means the returning to the video post after you have posted it and learning what you can do next in order to see how you can give more value in your next post, so your audience will be interested coming back for more. It's a very practical approach, and it is the same as having a nice meal in a restaurant creates the want for coming back and eat again in that place.

Oftentimes the content most people make is really "Newsworthy" and a high quality information and all that it takes is just a little "Culture Change" in the title to whom you are presenting your content, a little mix of what should be shown at the first 3 seconds of 18 hours edited video can start a new relationship of viewers that are keen to visit your videos again and consider more output of your brand.



If we don't attend the child while babysitting we might get in trouble and the parents won't be happy after they come back from their holiday or their 2 days wedding party. In the same commonality, if you don't take care of your brand's consistency with the content it shows  on today's daily attention platforms Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIN, the people who have seen your presence before may get upset as you may have taken their attention for granted. 




I hope you find value in reading this blog, and don't forget to say hello in comments, let us know your best takeaway from this read. 



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