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Customer Feedback Promotes Businesses in 2019, Good, Bad & Better Than Nothing.

May 7, 2019

As far as we know in when doing business we have to communicate with other people so we can have them as our customers and we can live our lives doing the work of our choice, whether it be selling goods and services, promoting a cause, raising money for a startup or even trying to form a new community about child support, religion or versatile support groups. 


The reality is that stories connect people to groups and organisations and the power of an emotionally compelling story can create a strong relationship bond between a loyal customer to an organisation. Therefore today there may be millions of great storytellers out there who are ready to make their dreams come true but have their doors locked as a result of not sharing them in the right places. Having a website? liking to meet people face to face? if you rely on these two, you might want to keep reading.


While it's sometimes admired by others when people give their time by visiting others face to face in an impromptu manner  to increase their awareness and tell how great they are, prospects see it as an intrusion to their time, and now what? you scanned your neighborhood and another 10 in your city  in google maps  and 90% of those people shut their door on you and 3% said yes and 7% it's ok to contact them later.  Do you really think they will let you to hold them accountable for your "I will call you back" ? We're no longer living in that era and there is a better way. 


In our time, people are being engaged online at scale, there are age groups that you have never considered to be online, who spend their time placing creative  comments on the Jeweler's facebook page and tell them how their surprise gift was a great investment. There are Kids in their early teens who photograph vehicles in automotive shops and send buyers to the dealer's shops via social media throughout the year. 

These functions  all have been made available through the immediate feedback mediums called Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and more. 


If you are starting a new community, a venture, a startup of some sort, in order to start building success, the best place to start is to take your brochures, pamphlets, your business story ideas and convert them into readable content in the right context for each one of these platforms. The most will prefer video as the best form of communication  and many brands out there are releasing ongoing video and also video has been made easy to make through mobile devices and also equipment and services are now more readily available and affordable compared to the marketing costs of an advertising campaign with an advertising agency for one month. 


To engage your customers  today in a simple way , you can use the free creative tools online from the likes of Canva and create your own beautiful imagery and apply them to your social media posts at your fingertips while sitting in a bathroom.





You can share your content as you go  and if they like it you will have community and they will expect you to show up more with your content, if they don't, you will receive an immediate feedback and then be able to  adjust the message a little bit to .

In order to deliver  a more emotional and connect deeper, you may want to consider using video as the core approach for your marketing. Consider yourself as the video Publisher of your own business. Social platforms have given the autonomy for everyone to post and share their own content for free and it's time to say these things you wanted to say long time in live on a camera. People appreciate authenticity more than perfection,  this way you will have consumers awaiting your next video like it is the next episode of a reality TV show that they are watching.


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Customer Feedback Promotes Businesses in 2019, Good, Bad & Better Than Nothing.

May 7, 2019

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