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How To Live in a 4 Star Hotel Everyday

March 14, 2020

Ever went to a 4 star hotel and it felt like 5 stars?

In fact, most of the 4 star hotels are pretty impressive, what would you say?


While it's nice to go on hotels sometimes for the luxurious experiences and for escape of our versatile arduous life works, there is some opportunity to enjoy your work and still get some of that hotel feels. 



In this blog post I wanted to share my life experience and to some degree, influence your motivation to enjoy your experiences a bit more while you are with other people and by yourself.


I have been to many different hotels and have had many blissful experiences to be thankful for. Whether it was in Bodrum Turkey, having all the eat and drink you can or a tight apartment in Tokyo with Airbnb just enough space in the bathroom to take a shower and go out to explore. Very ironic, as the latter provided more fun in the outdoors.



Even Though the two examples are vocational hotel stays, I rather do more of the ones that related to business travel, and that's the point I want to touch more about. 


On my media training course a few years back, I got to stay in a hotel, in Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand, and all I wanted is to be better at business. 

the hotel feel was comforting but it was looking like a background nuisance to me  - a nice king bed with a view to a taller skyscraper of the cbd, the clean towels and the feeling of taking endless showers in the day was much gratifying using endless unpaid soaps and eating 3 meals a day. 


When I came home after this, it felt like life went into normal mode and now it's back to the weekly grind again. Is it though ? - Well my thoughts went asking why couldn't I make this experience again and so I won't need to feel that I miss out on the good feeling also when i'm back from the "Hotel"


So, what I did was, I went to shower and imagined like it was a hotel shower. 

I made sure my towel is clean and tidy each day I wake up and each day I came back from work. I'd also recommend to have a plant in your bathroom and an inspirational quote hanging somewhere in your view or when you look at the mirror. 


The picture that I am trying to create here is the feeling that you can have inside of your head and which can comfort yourself for what you have, instead of wanting to go away and try to escape the reality of your current life by wanting something somewhere else. 


I've also tried a new practice recently and while using a public cafe toilet, imagining that this is the best public toilet I've ever visited and that everywhere I go, I receive the best looking bathrooms and also the best places to sit while having a coffee or dining in. 


I think that the saying how you look at things make them change isn't just an inspirational quote but if incorporated in your daily activities can really make a difference to the positive energy that you can have and recreate daily.


So go on today, annd make yourself a nice breakfast, prepare a nice batjroom in your apartment, make your bed, decorate your living room so you can sit in bored moments just pondering how good life actually is. 




Rocky Gershenovich

is the Founder Novimedia NZ, an Innovative agency that helps People and businesses Promote themselves with Video in today's time. Rocky finds the secret ingredient in people and their stories, then, connects them with their audience who later become loving customers.


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